Thursday, March 20, 2008

poking and prodding and parking oh my!

Todays cancer fun was day 2 of poking and prodding week.
Yesterday I went to the right clinic to be told I was at the wrong clinic for my pelvic ultrasound. So, I walked about 4000 miles with 1.5 litres of water ( doctors orders) in my belly to get to the second clinic. I am glad I didn't need a Depends undergarment, but I would have paid money to have one in my purse in the second waiting room.
Todays excitement consisted of hanging out in the X-ray/ Nuclear med area of the Henderson hospital. First, I met the cute radiologist dude for my radioactive injection, and then I got to hang out with the hip replacement crew in the X-ray area. I learned more about hip and knee replacement today than I knew existed. Who knew that X-ray clinics only had older people at it? I got to market my website and some skin and sore muscle products to a guy from Caistor Centre and shoot the breeze with 2 other HR crew about the bad design of Hospital gowns. I see London... I see France.....!!!!
Hospitals are really one of the worst places on earth, the building designs are confusing, the people moving systems are disorganized (I sat for 30 minutes waiting to be told I was free to leave.. they had forgotten they told had me to wait) they smell simply awful... more on that later!
I left for an hour to return for my bone scan and went to the mall ( and I freakin' HATE the mall! )
I went looking in a major dept. store for a mastectomy bra section..... HA! NOT!

I got a lecture about what was in a cafe au lait from the teenage barrista girl at the coffee place.. I refrained from saying "That is not how they make them in Paris" and drank my cafe au lait that had all the fluffy foam of a cappuccino and left to go back to the hospital for the bone scan.
I parked in the lot that said " Lot Full" at the front and found the cute radiologist and lay down in the bone scannny machine. I got to see how the bones in my lower legs looked as I passed into the tubular machine 1/10th of a cm at a time ( not joking, imagine for a second, how slow that could be) Then he made me keep my head still. I think I had a nap for a few minutes, until I looked up and I thought I was in the garbage compactor scene in Star Wars with the gigantic 4 foot square wall of sensors and inch from my head.
3P0! 3P0! shut down all the garbage compactors on the detention level!

It was a little surreal.

After about 30 minutes of being pushed in and out of the strange machine, I got to finally leave and found a washroom in the lobby. A woman in a wheel chair butted in line in front of me for the washroom, so I gave up and left the hospital. I paid for my parking and managed to lose my exit the parking lot pass card between the machine and the car. If this is what happens when I am a little tired, then what the heck will happen once I get chemo brain??
What a day!
I am off to work for a few hours.

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