Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cancer you piss me off every damned day

Yuck. A woman I was emailing over the last year about her cancer treatment died a few weeks ago. I didn't really know her, but kept up a little with her to make sure she knew I thought about her from time to time. There is something about being a cancer patient that makes you part of this stupid club that makes it easy to talk to other cancer patients.
She was a guidance counsellor at my school, but I had no contact with her then and someone from my church told her to talk to me about local treatment issues. She had a cancer that needed a certain type of chemo that the Ontario Health Plan would not cover. The last time I heard from her she was taken off all treatment because her tumours had grown beyond control. That was in March. I hope she had a peaceful, pain free summer. I never replied to her last email, but I did think about her.... This was one of the last things she wrote to me and Judy, I hope you don't mind that I posting this here: "I live one day at a time and celebrate the good ones. My friends and family have been wonderful. My 2-3 months to live have now been 2 years and 4 months. It's a miracle"

I'll leave you with that thought....