Tuesday, March 11, 2008

bad blog

I have read some other breast cancer blogs and I wonder if mine is compelling enough...
I wonder too, if I give a crap... but others seem so profound, so full of advice, so soap boxy in their proclamations of misinformation... etc.
I dunno, I just like writing a little bit every day.
I worked at home for the first few hours of my day and went to my store for the first time since I came home from the hospital (ok I went for 30 minutes 10 days after the surgery to talk with a national mag writer but I was wacked out on pain killers so it seems like it did not happen)

My friend/ partner/consort / tri training partner put his 16 week training program up at his desk today. I picked my training plan too, and hope that tomorrow I can start a plan to get the food disasters under control and maybe do some easy pilates or yoga. I say this as I eat a freaking chocolate éclair. I truly believe that North American style bakeries should not be allowed to make éclairs, it really puts the French ones to shame. Custard people, crème pâtissière, NOT WHIPPED CREAM ...
Hmmm I wonder if I could do a triathlon in France someday....

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