Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Don't overdo it!?

So every day now that I am out of bed after the surgery, someone tells me "don't overdo it" which means something to them, but if "don't overdo it" means sit around bored that won't be happening.

Today I went for a snowshoe alone on the local rail trail. I was out for 30 minutes and traveled a whopping 2 km. I my pre cancer life I would have been annoyed that I was tired at 15 minutes and pushed myself to go further. After almost no workouts for almost 4 months (A busy retail business through Xmas , cancer diagnosis, cancer surgery and recovery etc can really make time fly) I know to take it slow, and I know I have to be smart so at 15 minutes I turned around. Through the next 3 weeks I have to prepare myself for all the hell chemotherapy will bring: Fatigue, Nausea, Pain etc . I have 3 weeks to eat, workout and act as close to normal as I can for the 4 months after that will have very little that resembles normal.
For those "don't overdo it" people out there... all I can say is I promise to TRY and not overdo it.
I will however do my absolute best to not UNDERDO it either! I plan to DO IT as much, as often and as hard as I can muster through this whole darned cancer hell.

On those times when I overdo it, you will be the first ones I call from the snowbank and say...I overdid it... come and get me ... and then you can say "I told you not to overdo it" when you run me a hot bath.

Or perhaps... the "don't overdo it" people can come on my workouts with me.... that will benefit everyone right?
Then who knows maybe I will be the one dragging their sorry butts of out the snowbank.


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