Monday, March 31, 2008

bathing? but why?

Those of you who know me well, know about the irony of my running a company that makes and sells bath products and that I hate taking baths. A few years ago when I became a chi-runner in order to make the running part of my triathlons not suck so much I learned the value of a bath after a workout. I still don't like them, but I know that my legs hurt less the day after a workout if I take the time to have one.
I used a Harry Potter bath bomb(one of my fun, but annoying creations that involves black colouring in the mix which leaves black residue on the tub) and it smelled great. I brought a magazine, and the phone and I lay there. I lay there, like a slug or a seal or some other floundering thing wondering what the hell I was doing there. I deep conditioned my hair -and I asked myself why bother? since I am cutting my hair off in 2 weeks for the chemo gig.

I lay there and wished I had one of those desk thingys from the painting I learned about in art history class. The name of the painting escapes me, but it was some royal guy who had a skin condition who did his royal paperwork in the tub all the time and had a desk made. Maybe if I had one of those I would like the bath 'cause I could get something done while lying there like a slug.
So that settles it. I will like baths when I have a custom made tub (tubs are not made for short people like me) a special desk and some royal attendants to keep the water hot.

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Chris H-H said...

I don't know about the custom tub and work desk (or the pros and cons of working in the tub - another topic, perhaps) but I was watching a home improvement show the other day (my new addiction since buying our first home and an old one at that) and there was a tub that had heating around it to keep the bathwater at an even temperature. Hey, if the clotheswasher and the dishwasher can do it (at least ASKO ones do) then why not the tub?