Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My first bloggy day

I may write more than once today, not sure how I will grow into this bloggy thing. I used to resent my diary/ journaling in high school and feel guilty on days I did not write, so I hope this does not go the same way. Once I found out my parents read my journals I hated journals(and my parents, at least for a while) and never wrote anything ever again.
Today I feel better than I have in the last few days. I am in week 3 of post mastectomy recovery. I am in quite a bit of nasty pain. I just discovered that my forearm is really bruisy and sore which makes typing less than fun. I am pretty determined to be close to normal by the end of April at the latest so I can get back to triathlon training in time for the June races.
I want to journal some of this time after the surgery for a few reasons, but one of them is to make sure the truth comes out about the lack of information out there about the pain I am in and the other details after mastectomy.
Todays lessons? 1) If you intend to dress yourself, get as many button up shirts as you can, trying to get something as simple as a t-shirt on is hell! 2) Cut all your hair off, or plan on having someone else do it for you. Mine is waist length and I cannot wash it or style it without help.


Caroline said...

Noelle, I remember Esther saying that she was quite shocked at how long it took her to recover from her mastectomy. She expected to be back on her feet quickly, but it was a slower road than she hoped. For you, my wish is that you will be racing in June, but don't push yourself.

Kingston Kids said...

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