Sunday, March 23, 2008

not sore?

hmmm.. I went for a snowshoe yesterday.
The day was sunny and bright and it was a hot workout with all the winter layers.
I planned to see how I did at the turnaround point for the last workout, and I got there 3 minutes faster than before, so I plowed on.
I thought if I can get to 20 minutes for the turnaround then I am doing well.
At17m, I could see the next distance marker on the trail and decided to go for it. If I made it, that meant I was doubling my workout. Not usually a smart choice, but I did it.
The middle bit was a bit hard, but I got back ok. 4km! and I kept my pace consistent at 12 m/ km where the workout before was 15m/km.
I know you all want spring, but I am loudly hoping we keep enough cold to keep the snow on the rail trail here for another couple of weeks until chemo starts.

Today I took my son to church, My old church here in Dundas.
It was nice to be at church, but there were a lot of things missing. The most important thing missing was passion. The music was pleasant but passionless for the most part, the preaching was pleasant but as close to meaningless to me. On the whole, sadly it was an almost empty experience. I get asked a lot by my old church friends why I do not go very often... this is why.
The building holds many, many old memories for me both happy and tragic and everything in between, so being there can be unpleasant. I would happily attend there regularly if the place gave me any sort of inspiration... but it doesn't. It just makes me sad.
My son likes going there, so I may end up tolerating it, but I cannot imagine liking it.
Happy Easter!
Alleluia, the Lord is risen today!
.... but the place I went to today has forgotten how to make that a celebratory event.

I felt closer to God in the sun on my snowshoes.

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