Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cancer and Tri's ?

Hi Everyone.. here is todays question.

I am looking to chat with any endurance athletes/tri-athlete's that have trained and/ or competed while going through or just finished cancer treatments.

As y'all know I am just headed into 4 months of chemo for breast cancer. Let me know if you think of anyone that might be willing to talk with me about this.

I have read about lots of people doing it, but their stories are usually in a press piece that has very little detail.

If the summer goes well, I might be able to compete at the end of the local season, or find a Tri in Florida or something in the fall.



Anonymous said...

I left a meassage before but seems It's not here?
I read your blog but have no infor for you on your question sorry.

Ciao Bella
Kim (DQZ)

Sherry said...

I just read your article on NC.com. Big hugs to you. What a super strong woman you are!!! I'm also a triathlete and although I have not personally battled caner, I have seen so many survivors at events that I have done. Most wear something that distinguishes them as survivors. I love their whole vibe: "I have cancer, cancer doesn't have me!" I have seen people who were 8.5 months pregnant completing triathlons, so no matter what... I bet you could get yourself ready. If not for this Fall, perhaps for this Spring. You should look into doing a Danskin tri (if you haven't already). It's an all-women tri and has a huge breast cancer fundraising component.

I've added myself as a 'follower' of your blog and will be sure to stop by... to make sure you are training hard. :o)