Monday, March 10, 2008

home and ok

So the Doc finally saw me, and declared my gaping wound ok with a little warm water and tape I can care for it myself. A boring but satisfying outcome to a little 's' scary situation.
I figure 2 weeks max and I can get back to swimming a few hours a week.
Running? hmmm not so sure, I ran up the stairs today to get the phone (well to an outsider it may have not looked like running- more like silly post surgery idiot that has not run anywhere for weeks trying to run upstairs kinda run) and it hurt the un-boobed side a little.
Cycling.. well my detested bike trainer is going into the spare 'oom this weekend and I may try to ride it occasionally.

If I can do a tri at all this year, I hope my first one is in June.
I am planning to attend my high school reunion in May and do Tri-athlon in June??? Man, I better get off "the neighbours dropping off food diet" and quick! Last year I had to lose weight from the "My mom died diet" about this time of year, so maybe this is just the same old thing.
Tomorrow I will pick a diet, a training program and a date to start it all.
- ok, shutup. I know, In know! Take it slow Noelle, don't push it Noelle... blah blah blah...
I promise, if it hurts I will stop, and I will get the Docs approval for the diet.
Enough already, wasn't my lying in bed for 3 effing weeks enough for you people??

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