Monday, March 10, 2008

Hole in my chest

So todays fun is all about the crapola medical system in Ontario, Canada. Perhaps all of Canada really.
This morning I got up and checked my new, but healing mastectomy incision, and after 5 days of antibiotics, the nasty infection I had last week is mostly cleared up. As a result of the infection I had to totally uncover the wounds and clean them. One fairly large area insists on not closing. The Girl Guide (Girl Scout to you US friends) in me says "this needs stitches" So, after calling my surgeon and my family doctor I still cannot get anyone to look at this. I tell them ( if you are squeamish you may not want to read this) " I have an inch long hole in my incision which is wide enough to stick my finger into" and I keep getting put off. The surgeon is gone for March Break, so I call the family doctor and they say "Call the home care nurses"( that I have no referral to anymore) maybe they will see you.
It is all quite exciting.
In what world is it ok to say... I have an inch long hole in my chest can you fix it? and get ignored????
I get that this is not a straightforward thing, as a result of the infection, but nonetheless can a medical professional not at least look at it for god's sake?

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