Thursday, January 1, 2009

Open Letter to my cancer "Support Group"

My Lovely Ladies,
Today is the first day of a New Year. Recently mentioned as Two Thousand and Fine, a year to end Two Thousand and Hate!
While much of 2008 was difficult (to say the least) Getting cancer brought me many things, most notably you. When I began my regular trips to the website where we all met I hopped around from one Discussion Thread to another... and after awhile I settled comfortably in the daily(sometimes more than once per day) visits to the "Starting Chemo May 2008" group. I still popped my head into the April group where I started, and some of you had already moved to the May group and some of the April's have joined us or kept tabs on us all the way through. I still feel like I am cheating on my April girls( because that is when I started) sometimes, but found so many deeper connections on the May thread ... I still go back to April to say hello.

My Dearest May Flowers you made this trek through cancer treatment a joyous experience. You have made every poke and prod at the hospital a community event where I could physically go alone but emotionally travel safely holding hands with each of you. I sat in the chemo chair talking to you, playing cards with you and just smiling at you knowing it was all going to be ok. Every lost hair, every ache and pain every hour of fear and dread I knew I was safely buoyed by your spirit.
Dear missed RanD and smiling Sable baking up a storm. My Otter furiously researching our every query where our medical teams were failing. Karin and her drive to bring Rock back to us with the many pics and pigs. My Kerry Lamb roaring in like a beaming Tazzy Devil making us roll with laughter. Angels having to travel so far to complete treatment and Gracie having to wait so long for yours to be over. My Sueper Siouxie on her porch in Texas/ Georgia. My Rock stomping around New York in her Crocs with Pam at her side. The Dogs and Kittens, the shingles and scabs, the boats and neighbours and swimming and camp chemo and shovels galore I will never forget a moment Each and every one of you each and every word in the 4000+ posts we shared have been the ingredients to my Cancer Salve, my very special Balm of Gilead.
Though cancer has interrupted our busy and colourful lives' in a most unwelcome way meeting you all was a the unexpected gift along the way and I yearn for the day we all get to finally meet.
May 2009 be your best ever, and you have my love and support through every step, cancer related or otherwise.
I hold my glass to you ....

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Anonymous said...

My Dear Noelle,
Back to you and to each and every one of the lovely women on our thread. May 200 fine be healthy for one and all. Thanks for your beautiful post.