Monday, December 22, 2008

The joke of the season

so I am sooooo rife with exhaustion I can barely make a sentence without mis-speaking a word or forgetting my thought half way through. This is normal for me at this time of year. Somehow I am usually a little more organized in the shopping department.
The groceries are being delivered tomorrow, but I forgot to order the dishwashing detergent. I bought the Christmas tree, set it up and decorated it and now it won't stand up straight. It has a full on leaning tower of Pisa going on. Last year it fell over twice, so I guess leaning is a step up.
I got the key "Santa" gift of the season, and it only took traveling back and forth across the Hamilton mountain twice in white out snow conditions to get it. I did get almost 4 hours in the car alone listening to music while I ran all kids of work and some personal errands when I found the gift so I guess that should make me feel rested.. or something.
We got all but one gift shipped today at the store.... none of my personal gifts or cards are even remotely ready... oh well. My peeps won't hold it against me I guess. I used to love spending tons of time and money wrapping gifts in an interesting way. Stationary and wrapping paper have always been a passion of mine. I almost had palpitations in the new Martha Stewart paper craft section at Michael's today... tomorrow after work, I will come home get my kid to do some last minute shopping.. come home again and clean the house and do the dishes( if I remember to get the dishwashing stuff) I will take stock of what I have bought and figure out what gift bags I have from last year that I can reuse AGAIN to chuck this stuff in..
Ya, honourable in the spirit of reusing stuff, but totally boring in the spirit of gift wrapping specialness.
I had a mammogram last week as you know... and so far noone has called me to make me get biopsies and horrible other things... which was what happened last time I had a mammogram. I think that is a gift.

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