Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bloggy readers …. No I am not lost!

I think of you everyday and wish for a wireless connection from my brain to my blog and you could see the thoughts I send you everyday.
This past few weeks had been totally crazy. Lots of milestones, lots of good and bad news. On November 24th we finally buried my mother’s ashes after 2 years of them sitting in my house. Her ashes sat next to the sewing machine for a long time; she would have liked that. On Dec 2nd I turned 42, I worked all day and had a last minute unplanned home cooked dinner with Tim. On Dec 9th my first and only child turned 10. On that same day my best childhood friends’ mother died. Today Dec 16th I had my first yearly mammogram since I found the cancer last year. In 2 days it will be the anniversary of finding my lump.

Since I wrote I have had heart tests and results and it is confirmed that my heart is not quite right since starting the herceptin (the drug that counteracts my her2neu- the funky protein that makes my type of cancer extra nasty) SOOOO, now I get to go to the Cancer Centre every 3 weeks for herceptin, and every 6 weeks for Heart tests (RNA/ MUGA scans) I am not having any symptoms of heart problems, but my scan results have dropped since my first one, so we have to watch it.

I plan to start back to triathlon training in January once I get through this nutty Xmas season at the store. I am sitting here in the chair getting Herceptin now so I just have to hope everything will be ok.

Ok, my IV is done. I will post more later I PROMISE!!!!

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