Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama day!

Wow what a day!
The Day Obama won was a good day. Today, watching him getting sworn in to office was a great day. I am an American. I am a woman. I am a child of mixed race parentage and I am black. In case it passed you by, the name of my company "ellenoire" tells you so. I closed the store for 2 hours to watch the inauguration with my father(the black, and only living parent) and son( who was a little confused by his mom and grandpa crying though when he fell asleep during Obama's gorgeous speech he was upset that he had missed some of it)

So far I have felt most like staying at home all day and watching the news, but am at work. Yes, I could watch streaming news all day, but I do really have work to do. Truly, I wish I was in a bubble where everyone loved Obama, and ...each other.
I have read some Tweets(the mini blogs from twitter.com) and had some comments from people being negative about the fact that the press is making a "big deal" about the fact that Obama is black. "Why can't they just talk about what a good president he will be instead of always talking about him being black?"

Halloooooo! have you people been asleep??? Obama won the presidency for many reasons.
There is no question in the mind of the people who voted for him ( no matter what their skin colour) that he is a good man. There is no question in the mind of the people who voted for him that he was the best person available for the job. ONE of the many things Obama is, is Black. There is no question in ANYBODY'S mind that he is black. The reason he got the job was for what he said he will do, and how he chose to speak to ALL people. The reason today is a day like no other is not just because he is a good man... it is not just because we hold out hope that he will create the change he says he will try to create . Today is a day like no other because he is BLACK!

Anyone I know over the age of ..perhaps... 35?... could never before today confidently say that they expected to see a day like today! An American President with even one drop of black blood? NO WAY!! You have heard of the "one drop rule" right? That one drop that made kids on my playground in Dundas, Ontario Canada in the 1970's and beyond call me NIGGER!? ( ya ya, I know.. I "don't look black")That one drop that made boys in high school and college stop considering me date-able when they found out my father was black!? That one drop that made my very light skinned Grandmother lie about her background so she could work downtown Chicago at a better job she would have had if she had admitted she was black. WE HAVE A BLACK PRESIDENT IN A COUNTRY WHERE BLACK PEOPLE WERE CHAINED IN SHIPS TO BE ENSLAVED!!!!!!!
Don't talk to me about it not being important to mention that President Obama is black!!!!!

If you still don't get it.... then read(or rent the miniseries)Roots or even better.. Read the new book "The Book of Negroes" (called "Someone Knows my Name" in the US, NZ & AU)

I am tired and I have to work until very late tonight. I pray for their sake that no-one says something dumb to me about Obama being black tonight or they will get it with both barrels from me!

Today is Obama Day!

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