Friday, January 2, 2009


Last year... beeeeeefore I got my cancer diagnosis I wrote this on my Facebook page...

I will compete in at least 3 triathlons
-ok, I was in 1

I will buy this house from my mothers estate
-I did this!!

I will make my company 'ellenoire' more successful than ever before
-ok, I tried, but cancer, snow and "recession" issues put a kibosh on this

I will make a better website than it is right now
- I tried this too, time and money(or lack thereof) made this difficult

I will travel to somewhere really amazing - I went to New York like I do every year, I went to Vermont like I would like to every year and I spent Spring and Summer at Camp Chemo.

My resolutions this year?
I would prefer to remain cancer free.
I would be pleased to get in better shape than I am now.
I think it would be fun to compete in some races.
I like to travel, I hope I can afford to do some of that.
I plan to make time to hang out with friends as much as possible- here, there and anywhere!
As long as I have enough money to eat, buy a few nice things and keep this house anything else means I am rich!
Das it!

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