Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the other boob? In sympathy or what?

Ok... so today my right(and only)hurts a bunch! WTF?
I am hoping it is just the onset of my "menses" because they keep threatening!
Tomorrow.. not today which I thought but the leap year confused me... is my 1rst cancerversary. The 1rst anniversary of my diagnosis. I will write about it more later or tomorrow. Boob to the right of me! Stop it! stop it! I meet the surgeon next week, so I will ask him...
In the midst of writing this a breast cancer 'survivor' came by the shop and noticed the bald pic by the front counter and told me she has it twice( there, but for the grace of god..) and is about to have the 10th anniversary of the second time.
more later...
For those of you who want to know more details about Monavie in the short term feel free to email me at ellenoire@ellenoire.com with questions. I will blog about it later too. Later Bloggy babies!

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