Monday, January 12, 2009

funny year funny year

I just found products on my website that were updated last year... saying they would be back in stock for the "new year" not only does that not bode well for business... because clearly no one has ordered those products for a long time..... aaaaand.... the fact that this year of cancer hell has been sooooo nuts that I did not notice that I had not taken those notices off.
Groundhog day I tell ya....
2009.. I am Bill Murray baby!


Anonymous said...


I am interested in more informatin about monavie that you have made reference too. I have gone on the web site but would appreciate your insight into what it has done for you.

You are a trustworthy, honest, and "frank" person and I would take a lot more "stock" in what you say as opposed to what is written on the web site.

Also, could you please answer these few questions, please:

Can this be bought at your store in Dundas or does it need to be shipped?
How long does one bottle last?
What is the cost per bottle?

I had breast cancer years ago, and a good friend of mine was just diagnosed on are a life line to many!!

Noelle said...

email me about Monavie if ya like!