Friday, April 25, 2008

yucky day

Day 3 (Day 16) is a Yucky Day this time around.
I feel nauseous and heartburny and weak and generally just low. I am at the store, but I feel just like going back to bed.
My mood is fine, despite the fact that most of my hair fell out this morning after my shower.I avoided touching it yesterday, kind of knowing it was on it's way out, or off as it were. Today I combed so much out I no longer have a hair line at the front... just some Elmer Fudd like receding thing. I think tonight it will be the shaving party.
We had the bye bye boobie party, we had the haircutting event and the mohawk party, now... onto the shaving party.

My high school reunion is next weekend and I have been threatening to the people that don't want to come that " if I can go to my high school reunion with one boob and no hair then you can go!" I was hoping to have the mohawk for the reunion, but no such luck!
Today I am wearing the dreaded scarf on my head to cover the receding hair line... but the scarf thing really is not my scene! There may be a few hats on my head this summer, but scarves....? I don't think so!
This gig will not look like someones grandmothers cancer!
Now, to order the henna tattoos for my bald head!

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TigereyeSal said...

You are a ferocious, audacious broad- you go, girl!