Monday, April 14, 2008

Hair.... and feeeling yucky

Today is Day 6. Day 4 was a whirlwind tour of press and photographers at the store from 11am. Interviews and Demos and then my haircut and lots of friends, family and customers in attendance. I rested and we headed to TO to get my hair properly shorn.
A few months ago Tim asked if I would get a Mohawk, as you know.
So, I did.
I got it bleached for an hour and then the hairdresser spent another hour colouring and making it stand up on end!
I was so tired by the end I could barely get home.
Day 5 was simply awful.
I was the most tired I have been since the chemo and the surgery and felt too ghastly to even get to work. If you know me, you know it takes a lot to keep me from working!
I got up and dressed, but the thought of trying to keep upright to serve customers made me cry. I felt guilty sending Tim to cancel the staff and put a sign in the window, but I simply would not have made it through even an hour. I spent all day, all night and most of today in bed.
I was told it might be this way, but now I believe.
The new injection I must take is not helping either. It comes with it's own long list of S/E's( side effects) which are also yucky.
I am praying that days 11-14 when I have no chemo and no injection I will feel almost normal.
Who knows!?


Adrianne Ficzere said...

You are an amazing person and you will get through this!
I have a friend who has just been recently diagnosed and I have sent her your blog site (I hope this is OK)

You are an inspiration!
Sending over the strength and healing fairies!

Anonymous said...

I'm a little worried that we haven't had an update since Monday. I hope things are going well. I know you will get through this, no matter how things are going at the moment.
Lots of love,
Chris H-H

Anonymous said...

PS The hair is fabulous!
Chris H-H