Thursday, April 10, 2008

Home and up on day 2

I am home, and 15 hours after chemo I feel less crappy than expected. Tired, a little sore in the back and legs but not too bad
Some people crash on day 3 -5 ( Chemo day being day 1) so I am not too optimistic that this will remain. My steroid set up is diff from my moms, so I only get it for a few days and that is where the crash comes in. Yesterday was tough, but mostly just tiredness and very stoned ( there is no other way to describe it). There was a point where my sinuses felt like I was injected with champagne. All bubbly and uncomfortable. In my mind, it was Veuve Clicquot though!
Apparently I was pretty bitchy because I had almost no censor before I spoke. I have a very light filter for my words in general, hence my rep for being outspoken.

I slept well, and have had my normal breakfast so all in all- so far.
More later!

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