Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Shower a day!

I used to love that commercial! Heck I used to love that product!
(a free bath bomb to the person who can send me the lyrics-NO GOOGLING- or come into the store and sing that commercial)!

When I had hair a shower was a long production, the waist length curls were a lot of work. A labour of love that I enjoyed doing, but still a lot of work. I didn't shower everyday if I did not need to because the hair took a lot of time.
In the first 1/2 of my life ( to date) I adored the ritual of the morning shower. Once mom let us take showers ( my first shower is a blog/nightmare tale for another day) I would take one every morning the moment I woke up. As an young adult, I would light a cigarette, start the coffee maker and take my shower. The more fettered and cluttered my life became with the birth of my son, and the current incarnation of my business the morning shower became a pain that took too long, so it was put off until the last moment of each day. For you see, showers for me were loooooong. Not just since I grew my hair.. but always even in the short hair times in the 80's. Long showers of at least 20 minutes were the norm for me. My parents complained, my boyfriends complained... I did not care.
The rituals of bathing are important to me, the products to use, the exfoliations, the hair removal and the standing still in the steamy water for minutes rinsing my hair and just thinking. Thinking of nothing, thinking of my day, thinking of whatever. Crying in the shower is often a cathartic thing for me too.. it helps to hide your tears when you are a single mom doncha know!
There is no hair washing and such, no hair removal and it only takes like 3 minutes for me to wash all the other bits. I exfoliate a little, I choose another soap, I do my feet, I scrub my nails.. I wash my face and bald head etc etc... and then I stand there and after a minute I am mildly annoyed and get out.
So, now I have the time to take the long missed daily morning shower, but now I cannot make them stretch to get all the long relaxing thinking,planning, dreaming time!
... and y'all know I am not switching to boring old baths...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Noelle, you will find the strength like many of survivors have and will continue too. Please continue posting you are truly and inspiration