Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Here we are back at day 1 again

And so it begins again.
Day 14, is also day 1.
Chemo is in a few hours and I am dreading it.
I can already taste the chemicals in my mouth and feel the heavy poison feeling in my bones.
My knight in shining armour will show up in about an hour to get us to the hospital waiting room where we will sit for hours waiting for a treatment that takes 45 minutes. I should be home in time for dinner.
I made soup, because that is what I craved last time and I hope this time I feel similarly. It would suck if I craved pizza, or some other thing when I went to the trouble of making homemade soup.
We shall see.
I met an old customer/ friend at the hospital yesterday. Another woman who has chosen to go wigless, which I like. Sad she has to go through chemo too, but happy to see someone I know in that horrible place.
I have been riding around town on my new bike for the last few days and went for a long nordic walk ( walking with x-country ski type poles) yesterday. I hope I can keep this active over the next few days. I am going to try.
I did have a lot of trouble sleeping last night... my 9 year old came in to sleep with me very early, and he is very restless in my bed though he thinks he sleeps well there. My mind would not relax to let me sleep, and getting kicked by my kid did not make it an easy night.
I am off to shower, and watch more of my hair fall out as I wash it(a new and annoying development this week)so I can be ready, clean and happy for camp chemo.

I know I am nervous by the rambling way I am typing.

I'll see ya when I get back!

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