Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Article about me!


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djlons said...

Hello Noelle,

Aunt Ruth (Your cousin) asked that we all keep you in our prayers so I will do that, but I have something else to offer you, if you want. I have a video taping company that I run and I see from the article that you run a bath and body product boutique which, according to the article from Marketwire, relies partially on your demonstrations....anyway, to make a long story short. I am four hours out from your and I would be more than happy to come up there on Saturday the 12th and video tape your next performance and put it on DVD for you during the following week or so. This way you can continue to show the demo to your customers in case the therapy becomes invasive and you cannot perform the demonstration for awhile. I have two professional Mini DV cameras and one Hi-8. Feel free to contact me via email prior to 6:00 ddavis@triustc.com or by phone afterward 248-374-6620.
I hope to hear from you and God be with you throughout your therapy.