Sunday, August 24, 2008

This week and stuff

I am on a 'diet' trying to lose some weight after that chemo nightmare. It is slow going, but I am not giving up!

We went out last night to dinner and the theatre. We went wandering in the city and tried on clothes. YUCK! When you are used to being a 6-8, trying on 12-14 is a total drag. My cute BF who has been training for triathlons all summer got to buy some lovely new sweaters to show off his awesome pecs, and I got one shirt that I pray will look ok with my foob.

Being at the theatre was fun!, we got to see the show Avenue Q in Toronto which I have been waiting years to see! What a blast! The stares at my bald head from the normals was oooh soo much fun too! ;) Man, we were seeing a show with puppets having sex, how could I be wierd looking???

Tomorrow I have a hard workout day, to test myself to see if I am actually going to try and do a mini race on the weekend. My kid is away for his last summer fun at a pals cottage and I am taking 2 days with no kid, no chemo side effects and no cares... as much as I can get away with anyway!

Too much work to do today!
I better get on it!

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