Tuesday, August 5, 2008

see? I am writing

My old pal Sally told me I do not suck for not writing for a week.
My thought for you at the moment, when I am supposed to be eating my boring ( yes I made it, so it is my fault my damn lunch is boring!) lunch is that you should all watch my twitter feed to the right. That's right, look to the right side of this bloggy page and see. That is my Twitter feed.
I update it all the time from my phone and my computer and such. If I have not blogged, then read my Tweets, they are like my micro blog... it will tell you what I am doing and how I am feeling.
Even better, sign up to twitter.com and "follow" me on twitter.
I am called Ellenoire on twitter.com
Try it, is is fun, and you will be soooo coool if you do! Not everyone is doing it-YET!
More soon.

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TigereyeSal said...

How old are you saying I am? ;)

To tag someone in the comments section, I pretend to start a new post. Blogger has a chain link icon that, in either HTML or compose mode, puts together the code for you to create a hyperlink. You need to have the URL copied, so as to paste it in when prompted. I use this, then take the piece of code and insert it into my post. There's bound to be a simpler way of doing it, but I haven't figured that out yet. If you are building links within your post, you eliminate a step, and just use the chain link icon.

Hope you can catch what I'm putting down here...