Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I am having a lot of trouble focussing on work today.
A friend of mine's son died in his sleep on the weekend, and I am having trouble caring about stupid things like sales and taxes and such.
I am at the store, and I promised some other friends I would give them skin advice to take care of their skin after chemo was over.
I am not dreading doing the writing, but there is a restlessness I feel and sitting still to type is not working. So, I am going to try....
Skin care 101
Step 1 Exfoliation 2-3 times a week your skin must be exfoliated. If you do not exfoliate you are wasting your money on lotions and balms. Lotions etc simply will not penetrate dead skin.
That said, exfoliating has to be done with some caution.
There are 2 kinds of ways to exfoliate: Physical and Chemical. Physical means use salt, sugar, pumice etc or tools like loofah, and other scrubby devices. Personally I have always preferred scrubby gloves for my regular exfoliation head to toe. I use salt and sugar scrubs for occasional exfoliation times.
Chemical exfoliants use ingredients like alpha hydroxy acid, fruit acids, glycolic acids etc. Face and décolleté should be exfoliated gently with sugar, chemical or finer grit scrubby devices.

Do not exfoliate broken skin, or open sores. On keratosis, psoriasis and excema use extreme caution and when using product only use unscented, natural and sugar based exfoliants.
I do not shower everyday, so I exfoliate whenever I shower.

Step 2 Moisturization
The best times to moisturize are directly after bathing, or before bed.
Body and Hands- when skin is still wet from bathing or showering slather on a rich lotion or balm, or body butter onto wet skin, then wrap in a towel or robe for a few minutes. If your skin is oily then use lotion sparingly in those areas.
Face- when skin is still wet from toning ( yes toner is an important step for facial skin for those over 25, or with acne issues) add moisturizer in morning, and at night or whenever face is washed.

Step 3 Maintenance - If you follow steps 1 and 2 regularly you will see a huge change in your skin within a few days. To Maintain it you can skip the occasional day here and there, but skipping more than a week without these steps will make you skin go back to rough, and dry.
Let me know if you have questions, or want to buy products that will fit what I have described.
I am off to the post office to clear my head. I will update more about how my chemo recovery is going ....soon I promise.
Suffice it to say..... I worked a 60+ hour week at the store last week and lived to tell about it!

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