Friday, August 8, 2008

food and diet

Shelley, to answer this mornings question about white flour vs rice flour.... anything white is usually your enemy when it comes to a healthy diet. White rice, white flour, white sugar and most of the time potatoes.
Rice, unless it is brown is pretty high glycemic.

For the rest of you I will paste the diet details I mentioned to Shelley in a comment this week.
This is the eating plan I have switched back to after chemo. During chemo I ate whatever tasted ok with my chemo mouth, and whatever sat well on my chemo stomach. With the bloating from the meds and the lack of exercise I gained almost 15 pounds. I have lost 4 since chemo ended, and it looks like that was mostly fluid. The rest of the weight loss will be hard work.
Here are some simple details on my eating plan.

Here is my fave breakfast on the run/ snack to keep in the fridge.
1c plain (no not vanilla) low fat yogurt, 1c frozen or fresh berries, 1/2 cup plain oatmeal. Layer oatmeal, berries and yogurt in that order in a big bowl overnight or for a few hours and stir. Add a small amount of brown sugar or real maple syrup to taste.

The plan is not that different from South Beach. The website I use to choose my food is It has a fairly good glycemic index (the speed at which your body converts food to sugar in your blood ) list. So, the ,simple idea is you choose your foods mostly from the low glycemic list and rarely from the high glycemic list. ie. White Bread= high glycemic an Apple= low glycemic.

Rule #1 no juice or soda pop (no not even diet, artificial sweeteners are bad for you, and make you crave other sweets) I still drink coffee with a little brown sugar but other than that I drink water

Rule #2 you can have 1 cheat meal a week, I used to do it on Sunday night and have a meal with all the bad things I wanted and dessert. A little bit of dark chocolate ( no not a candy bar, and no milk chocolate either) a day is fine to satisfy a craving.

Rule #3 No white rice, No white sugar and avoid white and enriched flour products like the plague(white bread, white pasta, most cereals) When I lost the big weight in '02 I did no wheat, no rice and only a very small amount of brown sugar. If you choose whole/ sprouted wheat products with no white/ enriched flour in them you can get away with a little bit of wheat. Do not assume a label that says 'whole grains' means it. Check the ingredients carefully. Enriched flour messes with the hormones in women.

Rule #4 no eating in the 2-3 hours before bedtime- this REALLY works.
I have a nutty few weeks ahead of me, and then i hope to have a few days off to relax and train for the tri I want to do at the end of August.


Anonymous said...


I really enjoyed your last blogs, thanks for the diet tips!!

What is her2neu??


Noelle said...

Her2neu is a protein that shows up in some breast cancer cells. I have it,and am having treatment for it now and will have it for a year.
Here is a link that will tell you more.