Monday, July 28, 2008

Swimming! Swimming! In the swimming pool!

Swimming, swimming, in the swimming pool
When days are hot, When Days are cold , in the swimming pool
Breast stroke, side stroke, fancy diving, too
Don't you wish that you never had
Anything else to do, but...
*A free Bath Bomb to the first 5 people who call
905 627 9379 or come by the store tomorrow( July 29
and sing that song to me*

I figured out that the last time I swam was just before my surgery in Feb. so today was a triumph! I was not allowed to swim in public pools while on chemo because the bacteria levels are too high for a compromised immune system. I am now on day 13 after my last chemo. I am still very tired, and expect to be for some time now, but I decided my immune system should be able to handle the pool.

I managed a veeeery slow 500 metre swim stopping every 2 lengths to catch my breath. I passed most of the old people, but the pregnant one was faster than me! I could only manage mostly breast stroke (can we find a new name for this one???) and some kicking drills My surgery arm is a bit of a hindrance in some strokes though and it will be sore tomorrow.

I was saying to Tim this week that the chemo pain from Taxol, was different from the pain from Neupagen, and they both are different from plain old -I overdid it at Pilates last night -muscle pain.The Chemo pains seem more poisonous to me... anyone else on chemo feel that?? I wonder what will happen moving forward...?

The best parts were.... A) Having the old old old people (who have been in that lane since b4 I was born and think they own the freakin' pool) in the slow lane staring at me wondering why I was there with them. I was armed and ready with the snappy comeback if anyone made a crack at me. Eventually I moved over to the medium lane because the old people could not swim in a straight line!

B) Just b4 the session was over I realized I was going to have no choice but to shower and change in front of people after the swim. I wondered, Do I warn them about the 8 inch mastectomy scar b4 I take my bathing suit off? Do I attempt to hide myself in the corner of the communal shower area? Or Do I just say screw it and shower and change like everything is normal? Well, once I remembered that I also have no pubic hair, I figured a combo of hiding and acting like everything is normal was the only choice. No one flinched thank goodness... but when the woman next to me in the shower started soaping up her big boobs and rubbing them round and round like a porn star in a shower scene (man, how dirty could her boobs be? I asked myself) I reeeeaaally wanted to turn to her with my hands on my hips and yell SHOW OFF! and storm away.

So, here I am sore and tired with my first swim in 6 months, and my first real workout in 4 months ( I managed a few workouts after my first chemo) ready for a mid afternoon nap, but I did it.

I have lots more to tell all y'all about the last few days since chemo ended, and I promise I will soon.

Cheers, N

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