Friday, September 26, 2008

Poor Constuction worker?

I finally yelled at the workers who wake me up to move my car from the street at 7am in the morning on many occasions. He knocked 3 times today and on knock number 2 was told by my son to wait. On knock number 3 he got yelled at. I told him I was sick of them knocking on doors first thing in the morning when they knew the night before which days they needed cars off the street. I got the him to admit that on other sites they give out paper notices the night before they need cars moved and was not sure why they do not do that here. I reminded him that not everyone works 9-5 and is up by 7. I told him (and this was the first time I used the cancer card) I had been woken up for the last 5 months all the way through chemo and I was sick of how inconsiderate they have been and how terrible the site has been. He said he knows and that this construction project has been a problem because everything keeps changing.
So, even the construction staff knows this site is a mess! ?

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