Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bloggy rainy thought for the day

So I am sitting on the porch in the rain, well I was until I came in to make a call about some beans at the farmers market that I forgot to ask T to get and to write this...
So, what I was on about....
I was sitting on the porch, with the rain falling down around me listening to nothing but the rain. It is a warm humid day with a lovely rain. Since I cannot turn into the frog I would like to be to continue my gardening(I don't think my animagus would be a frog anyway)I decided to read on the porch.
I was reading the September Vogue magazine and wishing I lived in New York City so I could go to the restaurants and buy all the clothes I see on those yummy glossy pages.
Then I realized that if I lived in New York City it would be unlikely I could sit on my porch and listen to nothing but the rain.

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jeanne said...

You're right, you would! (I spent much of Sat/Sun in a place with a porch in the rain. It's lovely.) xoxox jeanne