Thursday, September 4, 2008

I had 4 BC/ cancer/chemo people in my world today. A new employee at the food shop across the street from my store pointed at my head and said "chemo?" and told me that she had BC and chemo and recon.... in .. well she could not remember what year.. it was a kind of funny. Then I had a woman in a wig ( yes, sadly I can almost always tell which I why I don't wear one) come in about some skincare stuff that I market for chemo-ed out skin ( which is still stuck at f*$&/@ing customs) but we had a good chat and I sent her to this site because her support group ended..?! Then I had another person with a type of lymphoma who has seen me on TV, and after she paid for her soap she gave me a BC t-shirt that she said "I bought this for myself, but will never wear it- so i thought you should have it" Theeeeen I had another woman who had curly hair from chemo, but insisted on arguing with me about her hair for about 20 minutes (I am a pain in the ass about curly hair when people argue with me, I warn them from the beginning of the demo/sales pitch and I always win every argument they throw at me)

It was an interesting day.

I have to take a pic of my hair for you, I look like a very funny little bird with a strange shadow of eyebrows.

Locke St festival this weekend!!!! Saturday the 6th

Come and see me, we will be in front of the Transit Gallery at 230 Locke st south in Hamilton.

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Surviving in Burlington said...

Hi Noelle,

I just finished my 4 treatments of dose dense Taxol 3 weeks ago (I had 8 treatments of AC-T, also a left mastectomy) and in response to your Twitter update of Sunday, my hands and feet are quite sore too. My feet seem to be worse, but my fingertips are sore, especially around the nails. I suspect I too will be losing my nails. My feet are sore enough to prohibit me from doing a wide variety of tasks that I used to enjoy. My oncologist told me that about 2% of the people on Taxol end up with permanent neuropathy and that about 10% lose their nails. Mind you, he didn't tell me about the nails before that, just after I asked him about it. Ironically, during treatment, my nails were fantastic, stronger and longer than ever before (I think I had soft nails that broke easily).

My feet throb almost constantly and standing for any length of time in one place makes me crazy. Walking is a bit better, but I can't go any great distance (so extended walking for fitness is out for me). ARGH!

On the bright side, my oncologist tells me that the burning pain and numbness should dissipate with time. How much time ... who knows!

Hang in there Noelle, I am!