Sunday, April 5, 2009

Damn I hate this place! Stupid Cancer centre!

Herceptin appointment March 31rst.

I get blood work and the nurse has to dig around to get the vein to work, so now I will have a big honkin’ drug addict bruise on my arm. Then I see a different doctor from normal and he races through the appointment and tells me he doesn’t “need “my blood. He said some doctors order it by routine, but he doesn’t need to see it.

Then the chemo nurse (I get my non-chemo treatments in the chemo room, fun huh?) can’t get the vein for my Herceptin IV and digs around for the vein soooo… and of course she has to ask me about the port AGAIN!

I swear, if one more stupid chemo nurse asks me why I don’t have a freakin’ port I am going to scream. This time I actually almost cried when telling the story about how my idiot doctor never bothered to ask me about getting one until the night before my last chemo!! I would have refused a port if she had asked…. But bloggy readers… you may remember that the doc asked me “is your port in ok?” which was the first time she ever mentioned a port to me in almost 5 months of appointments.

So, back to the "I don't need your blood" craziness... if I don’t need blood drawn every 9 weeks, why the heck are we wasting Hospital resources to do it? In a centralized medical system like Canada has where test results are months and months behind you because of lack of staff/ money etc would think the docs could get their plans and stories straight!

Nurses arguing with me, Doctors racing through my appointments God willing I never get cancer again or ever have to deal with the horrific hell hole of a hospital ever!

Am I oversensitive, or is this all normal treatment and no one else says anything about it?

Are Canadians too damned nice for their own good? Their own health?

If you don’t complain about a health care system that you pay for everyday whether you get sick or not….

This is the link I am poking into today

I read about it in the waiting room. Apparently the Canadian system is not implementing World Health Organization guidelines for controlling cancer in advance through education, screening and diet etc. Will I be surprised if this is true?


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Matthew Zachary said...

What you are going through is unfortunately more common than not, especially with young adults. Welcome to the club no one wants to belong to. We're here for you if you need us. Stupid Cancer, indeed!

Matthew Zachary
13-Year Young Adult Survivor
I'm Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation