Monday, November 10, 2008

you gotta have heart !

Here is my stupid cancer news. Got a call the other day for a heart test appt. I already had a heart test last week( Herceptin, the anti cancer drug I am on right now can cause serious heart damage so they test me every three months) the first one since Herceptin started( aside from the pre Herceptin baseline test). Results are supposed to be to the doc within 24 hours. No call, so I assume the news is good. I called this morning to say, I got a second call about a heart test, but I already had one.... and left another question about a forthcoming appt. change. The Receptionist said the onco nurse would call. She did... left a message on my cell Voice mail... saying "we need to do another heart test because there was a drop in function and we need to confirm that is was real.. oh, and I can change that appt for you. Call the office if you need anything else... bye!"


A WEEK! A FECKING WEEK they had those negative results and no one called me???

AND my next Herceptin is BEFORE my next heart scan??? What? So they can just gamble that it will not do more damage!!?


and here I am 6pm, and have to wait until morning to find out WTF is going on...

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