Thursday, November 13, 2008

Heart news #2 #4? 7?? Whatever???

OK, so the stupid doc finally called with a pathetic excuse for an apology. The nurse was supposed to call me with test results B4 the heart scan department called with the second heart scan test info. My baseline heart function was 55-57 in August, now it has dropped to 50. All of these numbers are in the "normal" range but a drop is cause for "caution" so they are testing me again. The protocol for Herceptin stoppage is a drop of 15 or more, so I could do my next Herceptin on the 24th and the next heart test on Dec 5th and still likely be safe/ok (or perhaps drop to 49.... WTF?) So, since I was hoping to have my Herceptin on the 24th in the morning, so we could finally bury my mom's ashes on the 2 year anniversary of her death in the afternoon I decided to postpone the scan until after the next Herceptin. So, now I have 3 weeks with no Hospital visits. I thought it was idiotic to have more Herceptin until after the scan.

Worst case scenario? If the heart still keeps dropping then we can stop, let the heart recover(Herceptin damage to the heart is not necessarily permanent) and then they can start again.

So, I get the 24th free to bury Mom's ashes and get that FINALLY taken care of. It is a long story why it did not happen b4, but it was all about Money and Timing, and since she requested a plot in a section of a cemetery that was not open yet we held off... and then I got cancer.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of the information and updates, and of course, your insight into the professionals (??!!)that are employed at our hospitals!

I know that you are busy, but at some point wonder if you would take the time to explain in more detail what you had for breakfast. You list some interesting things monavie? etc.

There are so many people that you inspire on your blog, and your healthy life style can only help to educate us all