Monday, October 13, 2008

sorry everyone

I am just returning from a long awaited but far too short vacation in Vermont(one of the best places on earth.
I will be back to blogging later this week.
I have Herceptin this week and my first post chemo check up with my onco that I do not like. Woo hoo! You know I will have a lot to talk about after that meeting.

Cheers and more Ben and Jerry's for everyone!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Noelle,

Thanks for sharing your story. It was an encouragement. I'm recovering from chronic Lyme disease, Bartonella, Babesiosis, and Morgellons disease.

I understand SOOO well what it's like to have a life-threatening illness and/or infection. I, too, took the attitude I had to go to war with the organisms infecting my body, and fight the good fight, for as long as God gave me strength to do so.

I'd like to share the concept of "Rife therapy", as it is PROVEN to cure cancer and even chronic infections like Lyme disease. (Lyme is nearly impossible to eradicate.) A close friend of ours used this technology to cure what was almost certainly ovarian cancer.

She is an R.N., and had large tumors on both ovaries. She used Rife therapy for two months before her hysterectomy. When her ovaries were removed, the tumors were gone, and there was no cancer found by the pathologists. The docs & nurses said they'd never seen such large tumors w/o cancer, and were amazed the tumors were gone.

Here's some history for you. Dr. Royal Raymond Rife used an electronic device he'd built in the 1930's, and was using it in a So. California clinic to cure hundreds of cancer patients. It was front page news in many newspapers, in his time. It's basically Tesla-type technology, applied on the microscopic level.

(Dr. Rife also built the first electronic microscope which made viruses visible, for the first time.) The fledgling "big pharma"/antibiotics industry (its rich backers like Carnegie and J.P. Morgan) basically went to war against Dr. Rife, and suppressed knowledge of his discoveries.

Dr. Rife discovered cancer is caused by a virus. (More recent research has corroborated this, for some forms of cancer.) Another woman Dr. from Switzerland made the same discovery about cancer, at the same time. (She developed a vaccine that cured cancer.)

Anyway, Dr. Rife's discoveries were considered "mainstream" in the 1930's. Dr. Rife said every organism has a "mortal oscillating frequency." So electrical energy (sine or square waves) can be "attenuated" toward the organism, and it is literally vibrated to death. Healthy tissue is not affected, though one can "over treat" and must use caution and restraint.

The President of the AMA of So. Calif. was Dr. Rife's main supporter. He was mysteriously murdered, and most of Dr. Rife's lab notes, journals, and his lab, were destroyed.

The Swiss Dr. and Dr. Rife lost their medical licenses and were forbidden to practice in the U.S.

I'm telling you this history because the FDA in the USA has never approved devices like Dr. Rife's for treating medical conditions, though they are very effective. They are allowed to be used "for experimental purposes only."

There is a large online community of people using devices similar to Dr. Rife's (same physics principles) to cure everything from cancer to Lyme disease. Some devices are more effective than others.

I think there are even people treating HIV using Rife machines. I'm very much a sceptic, so it took a lot to convince me. I'm a "failed case" in terms of treating Lyme & co-infections with antibiotics.

I'm now using a Rife-style device (coil machine) to treat my Lyme & co-infections. The healing has been dramatic, though difficult at times.

There's a lot more to this story I can't share with you now, for lack of space & time. But I can point you to some good resources if you're interested in exploring further. Or I'd be happy to answer questions or speak with you on the phone.

BTW, an engineer in Washington state was dying of Lyme some years back. His whole family was infected. He is Doug McLean, and he is an engineer. He used Dr. Rife's technology to build the first coil machine. His Lyme is now effectively cured, and his family is healthy. He was convinced he was going to die.

I thought I'd suggest this to you, as it may open up a whole new avenue of healing modality for you. Don't take my word for it; do your own research. But I can honestly say the Rife therapy has done FAR MORE for me than anything else I've tried. And I've tried just about everything inc. exotic Chinese and So. American herbs, antibiotics, etc., etc. You might say I've had just about every kind of "chemotherapy" under the sun.

God bless you, and a sante (to your health). Thanks for sharing your journey.

Milou in Scotia, CA, USA