Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hawkeye? Hot Lips? How about Radar?

Paging Dr Frank Burns! Paging Dr Frank Burns! Have you met your patients? Or do you just look at their charts for a second and head into the appointments hoping you remember what the heck you just read???
Perhaps we should attach photos of your patients to the chart. How about one with hair, one without would that help you remember us and our medical details? Maybe a tattoo on our foreheads with the dates and details of diagnosis… would that help?

So, here is the story. Yesterday I was at my favourite Hospital I had a doc's (aka Dr Frank Burns) appointment. Bloodwork and a physical exam of sorts.
My sore hands and mouth cold sores and other lingering side effects are all from the chemo (I knew that, but wondered if there was anything that could be done etc but my medical team just shrugged at me)
Yesterday the onco nurse asked a bunch of questions and scheduled my Heart scan(needed during Herceptin) and mammogram in Dec. and sent the doc in to examine me. 40 min later the Dr showed up and asked if I had questions and I talked about the hand pain etc and was told it was from the taxol chemo.... then started the exam. Then the Dr asked about when my last Mammogram was. I said in January which was how I was diagnosed...the the Dr said... and catch this.... "THIS YEAR? OR LAST YEAR?" ummmmmm this year doctor.... because you are in this room for my FIRST exam since my chemo ended in July. You know.... the chemo we just finished talking about 2 minutes ago!!!
Perhaps the Dr got distracted while touching my boob...? Or maybe it is because despite their name on all my charts since this Dr has only met me 4 times including once in the elevator and had no idea who the hell I was.....
Today in herceptin I had to ask the chemo nurse for my bloodwork results, because they did not give them to me yesterday (they never gave me bloodwork results before either, but I figure the first post chemo test was preeeety important) Thankfully, everything is within normal ranges.
Dr Burns that should have been left to you, but I am thankful the nurse helped me with that.
Next time I am sick, Dr’s Pierce and Honeycutt will have to be called.

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