Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cancer Party!?

Cancer is such a fecking downer I think every good test result should be a celebration!! What the hell is wrong with the Doctors and Medical personnel?
* in your best "I hate my job" whiny droning voice* say this..without smiling...
"Hi Noelle, you called to ask about your test results?" "well, your ejection fraction from January was re-calculated from a 49 to a 50
(why the heck they did not call me back to tell me this before I do not know) and your test from this week was still at 50"
I said... so, there has been no change at all since this scare of my heart function dropping from this drug all started?
*back to bored drony voice*
"yes, it stayed the same in November, December, January, and February"
I said.. "That is good news!"
She said *one more time with the drony voice folks* " yes, that is good news"

HALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Nurse what's your face!!!! You just told me that the heart tests that I have been having monthly to make sure I don't have a HEART ATTACK from the anti cancer drug you are giving me are staying steady... when for the last 2 months there has been strong concern about my heart test scores continue to drop.

You people need to learn how to be happy for your patients!!!
Emotional distance is fine to protect yourself from bad news, but hell! Can't you get excited about delivering good news??

So, I am having my own private cancer party today!
Good test results in the heart dept mean I will likely be able to keep taking this drug to protect my body from this nasty protein Her2neu thingy.
Yay Herceptin!!!
Yay Heart tests staying the same!
Poop on bored, jaded medical peoples!!!

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Tracy said...

Yay!! I'm thrilled for you! Go and celebrate and never mind those bored, jaded medical poops!! Woo hoo!!

T xo